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Latest Comments

Jun 22 9:54 pm
I was also contacted by this Katherine Carrero. Same story as everyone else. Although very skeptical, I was playing along with it because they never asked for money. NEVER GIVE MONEY ON THE INTERNET, even if its your own grandmother. Thanks to everyone for sharing their own versions. Ive decided to continue to play along and to encourage them but I will ever so slowly frustrate them into a merry-go-round. It may sound mean on my part but these scams really get to me. Thanks again.

Apr 23 2:12 am
SPAM text stating I won a FREE $1,000 BestBuy gift card. Go to SPAMMY website to claim it.

May 23 12:43 am
This company keeps calling my number, which I have had for over 25 years, looking for somebody I never knew. They obviously have the wrong number for whom they are looking for. All they have to do is a quick reverse number lookup and theyd be able to see that they have the wrong number. They have been told twice that there is no such person at this number. Stupid collection agencies.

Jun 21 6:20 am
got call from this number stating that they are calling from icici and has a new offer for insurance.

May 24 11:38 pm
Just received my phone bill. Had a Dir Assist call to 101 515-8000. With all charges the Total ILD Teleservices was 7.56 and I don't even know what this is or what it's for.

May 9 7:25 pm
the DO NOT CALL list doesnt help. It was created to establish more govt office space for campaign friends of the politicians.

Apr 28 1:51 pm
JUST A QUICK THING-If people dont give you their phone number, and adress, its not something fishy, it simply means that they would rather NOT give you their living location, theres a thing called privacy, and they probably just wanna keep that.If they even respond to you, as the number 000-000-0 is widley used by large variety of peoples.It could be a prank caller with a.bit more tech knowledge, could be a politics call, could be that closet stalker from down the street. Theres no way to tell unless you hear something from the other end. ;}

Sep 20 3:38 am
I have ATT. Got my first call today. Didnt answer. Also in the past have gotten the call about my computer needing fixed. Fell for it and took all day to get the viruses removed that the caller injected.

Mar 13 1:28 pm
This numbers called more then 5 times a day even at night I would like for them to stop so I block

Sep 12 2:48 am
I thought it was my friend and I answered Hey, its my favorite person!! Slight pause and then a click and they hung up. ID -- which I checked later -- was TOLL FREE CALLER.

Nov 2 5:01 am
Have no idea y they keep calling

Sep 9 5:47 am
left no message when answering machine picked up, however when I called number back, Verizon said it was no longer in service or disconnected!

Nov 4 2:01 am
Received text message saying As part of their security measures. Card Services for Credit Unions Inc. USA FLORIDA ST. PETERSBURG decided to temporarily flag my my credit card and to call 1-2070517-2-61 and unflag my card.

May 18 7:41 am
The woman spoke Spanish. I told her I did not speak Spanish I live in America. She seemed upset that I did not speak Spanish and tried using broken English asking if I spoke Spanish. I told her no I did not speak Spanish and good bye and hung up.

Apr 2 4:13 pm
Called the number back 30 secs after they called it said disconnected number

May 7 7:06 am
privacy settings don't stop them. OUT OF CONTROL.

Nov 20 11:08 pm
Number selected for Give away

Apr 22 8:29 pm
Its probably the government calling

Oct 6 4:12 pm
I didn't pick up the phone but it's definitely spam

Sep 9 2:28 am
I have Verizon and have been receiving these calls for a while.